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Sajumi (adventure/out-of-earth/science fiction RP) (1X1 Quorra and Tofuudog)

posted Mar 04, 2011 00:15:14 by Quorra
Sajumi is a beautiful planet that is emerald green. Many foreigners think there are magic emeralds buried underneath the ground, and gives this planet it's colour. In fact, it is one of the first legend a child learns. It is a legend, but lately more and more people are trying to find the legendary emeralds. The three largest countries, Sajumaica, Sajurima, and Sajulin are being mobbed with strangers, all of them trying to find the legendary emeralds. What they don't know is the the emerald green colour is actually caused by the dangerous antimatter ruby. If the anitmatter ruby gets into the hands of any living thing, all of the Universe will be destroyed. It is up to anyone who realizes the truth to protect all.

<This Role Play is set in the country Sajumaica at the start, but may continue to other places, depending>

Details about the countries. Each country is very different.

The country of Sajumaica is very beautiful, with emerald grass and trees with golden bark and emerald leaves. It's trademark is its natural emerald colour of everything. Many things in Sajumaica are based on its emerald green colour. This is why plenty of people seem to think the legendary emerald is buried there.

The country of Sajurima is dark and mysterious, with plenty of tall, hovering trees. Its trademark is its beautiful view of the moon, which you can see hovering over the sky anytime, day or night. It is natural for anyone to think the emeralds are buried here.

The country of Sajulin is very calming. Surronded with rivers, all as blue as the sky, but with a touch of emerald green too, Sajulin just has the feeling of safety. The trademark is the calming sound of the rivers. Anyone would think the emeralds are buried underneath the rivers.

Basic Description:
Looking for the emerald or knows about the ruby:
Anything Else:

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Quorra said Apr 29, 2011 23:40:28
"Well, we've seen aliens before. A bunch of them come here to look for the 'legendary emerald'. Maybe that's why."
"Small things make huge changes. Choose your future wisely........"
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