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Role-Playing Rules (Please read and follow the rules)

posted Mar 02, 2011 01:52:55 by tofuudog
1. God Modding or God Play: When one person has control over other characters that are not theirs and without the permission of the character's player. Also instead of attempting to attack another player, they may state that their is certain to strike a blow to the other character(s).

2. Grave Digging: Constantly bumping a thread when it has obviously lost all interest or classified as dead.

3. Mary-Sues and Gary-Sues: Irritating for other players on the thread. These types of characters are often considered perfect, during battle are never hit, the most graceful, stunning, flawless, strongest, ect.

4. Role Play isn't reality: If someone's character calls another person's character a name, picks fights with them frequently or isn't overly nice to them, don't take it personally. There has been countless times when two Role players get into a fight because of something that happened in it. Then moderators end up having to break up the fight, people get stressed then everything starts to snow-ball. So try not to take a role play character's attitude to heart.

5. Leaving for Dead: This occurs when there is a multi-person player role play (lets say five people for example) and three go offline. The remaining two post about an entire page or more of posts for the characters. When the others come back they find a greatly annoying surprise for them. Sometimes, they may request a quick fill-in as an easy way to catch up. But constantly typing up what has just happened can get frustrating, or some people may not do it at all. Bottom line, be courteous of other role players and restrain from posting a million posts between two people.

6. Rights of a non-moderator: If someone starts a role play, they have control over the rules throughout it. If someone is caught breaking those rules, they can be kicked out. They started the role play, and they can just as easily finish it. But it is never a very good thing to close down a good role play because someone acted up. But don't forget that, just because someone created the role play and it's rules, doesn't mean they aren't supposed to follow the rules themselves. If you notice some rule breaking. Remind the person kindly. The same goes for if the creator of the thread is abusing their powers. But never feel threatened if the rules may seem a little strict, it's sometimes better if they are.

7. Mini-plots: The ever popular mini-plot is born when there is already a plot to the role play (eg: the characters must find some sort of sacred diamond to restore peace to the world), then someone wants to add their own twist to another person's role play. For example: the character may start to have flash backs of past lives that then intrude on their present and side track the entire main-plot entirely. This is often annoying for the creator of the role play and can be irritating for others also.

8. Spam: A major pet hate to everyone who prowls the Role Play boards. Spam can be used when someone types in OOC (out of character) more often than needed. This is alright if it is a post to fill someone in, but if it is mostly just chat or something totally irrelevant to the thread, then it can become discouraging to other role players who might begin to think otherwise about the spammer.

9. Perfection come in bite sized pieces: It is true that a lot of people are overly souped up on their role play skills. Let's face it. No one is perfect, but the least we can do is try to improve on anything that we may lack. Sometimes people may forget the rules or accidentally post something in chat speak ect. But don't get worked up over it.


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